Sense Icon Steel Scylla

Monster Scylla Idle


Level Aggressive
480 Yes
Weakness Elemental Attribute
Unknown Elec A Electricity Attribute
Resistance Hit Points
Unknown ~ 191,185 x 3
Tartarus - Steel God B1, B2
Target of Monster / Party Quest
Level 260+
Skill Name Level Skill Name Level
Cure Cure  ? Guard Break Guard Break ?  ?
Thunderbolt Thunderbolt ?  ? Transparent Enhanced Resistance  ?
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Damage Resistance
Physical Magic Gun Light Dark Fire Water Air Soil Electricity Shadow
Notes: Says "Lock On" when Enhanced Resistace skill activates.

Name Use
Item Galder Icon Galders Currency
Item 5 Galder Coupon Icon 5 Galder Coupon Coupon
Item 10 Galder Coupon Icon 10 Galder Coupon Coupon
Item 50 Galder Coupon Icon 50 Galder Coupon Coupon
Item 100 Galder Coupon Icon 100 Galder Coupon Coupon
Item 500 Galder Coupon Icon 500 Galder Coupon Coupon
Item 10000 Galder Coupon Icon 10,000 Galder Coupon Coupon
Item Oil Can of God Icon Oil Can of God Quest Item
Item Compound Waste Icon Compound Waste Item
Item Good Compound Waste Icon Good Compound Waste Item