Steel Punch
Skill Steel Punch Big
Type Guardian Req. TM Level Prerequisite Skills
On - Off No 0 None
Icon Learn Mastery Mastery Item
Skill Steel Punch Icon 0 0 N/A
It's very useful for beginners when hunting. Deals a powerful physical damage.
Total AP + 140 + (2 x character level)
(char. lvl 30 is maximum)
Level MP Cooldown {{{c_name}}} {{{d_name}}} {{{e_name}}} {{{f_name}}}
1 24 3 seconds
2 {{{a2}}}
3 {{{a3}}}
4 {{{a4}}}
5 {{{a5}}}
6 {{{a6}}}
7 {{{a7}}}
8 {{{a8}}}
9 {{{a9}}}
10 {{{a10}}}
Master {{{a_master}}}
Notes: Acquired upon creating a Buffalo or Bunny. It cannot be bought in any stores.
Formula OK.

Steel Punch Animation

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