Sheep Skills
1st Job - Librarian 2nd Job - Bard 3rd Job - Soul Master
TM Name
Magical Soul 0 Magical Soul
Mana Arrow 1 Mana Arrow
Cure 10 Cure
Invincible Casting 10 Invincible Casting
Mana Ring 20 Mana Ring
Bottle of Mana 20 Bottle of Mana
Aura of Mana 20 Aura of Mana
Rust 20 Rust
Mana Web 28 Mana Web
Mana Shield 30 Mana Shield
Mana Storm 35 Mana Storm
Mist of Mana 40 Mist of Mana
Arrow Rush 50 Arrow Rush
Mana Ring Booster 50 Mana Ring Booster
TM Name
Bolster Ballad 40 Bolster Ballad
Elemental Boost 210 Elemental Boost
Elec A Thunder Skills
TM Name
Seal of Thunder 55 Seal of Thunder
Electro Attack 55 Electro Attack
Thunderbolt 70 Thunderbolt
Electroshock 90 Electroshock
Thunder Shield 100 Thunder Shield
Tesla Field 145 Tesla Field
Water A Water Skills
TM Name
Seal of Water 55 Seal of Water
Drip Bomb 55 Drip Bomb
Icey Shackles 70 Icey Shackles
Water Web 85 Water Web
Water Shield 100 Water Shield
Shard of the Glacier 115 Shard of the Glacier
Fire A Fire Skills
TM Name
Seal of Fire 55 Seal of Fire
Whirlwind Blaze 55 Whirlwind Blaze
Scorching Earth 70 Scorching Earth
Incinerate 110 Incinerate
Fire Shield 100 Fire Shield
Phoenix Rising 140 Phoenix Rising
Air A Wind Skills
TM Name
Seal of Wind 55 Seal of Wind
Wind Blade 55 Wind Blade
Tornado Blast 70 Tornado Blast
Whirlwind 105 Whirlwind
Wind Shield 100 Wind Shield
Razor Gale 135 Razor Gale
Soil A Earth Skills
TM Name
Seal of Earth 55 Seal of Earth
Cleaving Terra 55 Cleaving Terra
Deadly Fen 70 Deadly Fen
Summon Boulder 115 Summon Boulder
Earth Shield 100 Earth Shield
Botulism Cloud 120 Botulism Cloud
TM Name
Dimensional Rift 240 Dimensional Rift
Elec A Thunder Skills
TM Name
Staff of Thunder 120 Staff of Thunder
Raion's Blessing 140 Raion's Blessing
Raion's Space 150 Raion's Space
Water A Water Skills
TM Name
Aqua Bomb 120 Aqua Bomb
Undine's Blessing 140 Undine's Blessing
Undine's Garden 150 Undine's Garden
Fire A Fire Skills
TM Name
Dragon Storm 125 Dragon Storm
Salamander's Blessing 140 Salamander's Blessing
Salamander's Territory 150 Salamander's Territory
Air A Wind Skills
TM Name
Raging Storm 130 Raging Storm
Sylph's Blessing 140 Sylph's Blessing
Sylph's Playground 150 Sylph's Playground
Soil A Earth Skills
TM Name
Earthquake 120 Earthquake
Gnome's Blessing 140 Gnome's Blessing
Gnome's Domain 150 Gnome's Domain

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