Sense Icon Scylla (Control Room)

Monster Broken Scylla Idle


Level Aggressive
480 No
Weakness Elemental Attribute
 ?  ?
Resistance Hit Points
 ? ~ 574,050 HP (~ 191,350 x 3)
New Content Development Office - Abandoned Control Room
Target of Monster / Party Quest
Skill Name Level Skill Name Level
Cure Cure  ? Shield Breaker Shield Breaker 5 ?
Transparent Enhanced Resistance  ? [[File:]]
[[File:]] [[File:]]
[[File:]] [[File:]]
[[File:]] [[File:]]
[[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]]
Damage Resistance
Physical Magic Gun Light Dark Fire Water Air Soil Electricity Shadow
{{{resistance_physical}}} {{{resistance_magic}}} {{{resistance_gun}}} {{{resistance_light}}} {{{resistance_dark}}} {{{resistance_fire}}} {{{resistance_water}}} {{{resistance_air}}} {{{resistance_soil}}} {{{resistance_electricity}}} {{{resistance_shadow}}}
Notes: Says "Lock On" when Enhanced Resistace skill activates.

Name Use
Item Galder Icon Galders Currency
Item Suspicious ID Card Icon Suspicious ID Card Quest Item

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