Map NCDO Basement


Requirement: Level 260+
Use Mail: Yes
Use MyCamp: No
Use MyShop: No
Use Party Bulletin Board: Yes
Use Personal Shop: No
Use Skills: Yes


Soil Depth: 300 - 300 m
Soil Type: Artificial

Name Use
Item 500 Galder Coupon Icon 500 Galder Coupon Coupon
Potion Elixir Extract Icon Elixir Extract HP Potion
Potion Jewelry Potion Icon Jewelry Potion MP Potion
Item Crystal Icon Crystal Quest Item
Item Ruby Icon Ruby Quest Item
Item Sapphire Icon Sapphire Quest Item
Item Diamond Icon Diamond Quest Item
Item Harkon Icon Harkon Quest Item
Hat Bone Helm Icon Old Bone Helm Hat
Hat Bone Helm Icon Bone Helm Hat
Hat Bone Helm Icon Strong Bone Helm Hat
Hat Bone Helm Icon Focus Bone Helm Hat
Book Report Icon Content Sketch 1 Quest Item
Book Report Icon Content Sketch 2 Quest Item
Book Report Icon Content Sketch 3 Quest Item
Book Recipe Icon Recipes Book
Book Card Hunter's Diary Icon Card Hunter's Diary Book
Item Fiesta Ticket Icon Fiesta Ticket Ticket


Monster Cave Uparupa Move Monster Broken Scylla Idle Monster Fixed Turret Fight
Cave Uparupa Broken Scylla Fixed Turret
Lv.448 Lv.460 Lv.560




1. New Content Development Office 1
2. New Content Development Office - Basement 2

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