#652DC1 rgb(101,45,193)
#B89BE8 rgb(184,155,232)
#E1D5FF rgb(225,213,255)
#FCFEA0 rgb(252,254,160) Yellow
#B76FFF rgb(183,111,255) Background for Menu tables.
#1E90FF rgb(30,144,255) Dodgerblue.
Empty row.
 Notes:  Horizontal line color: #652DC1 rgb(101,45,193)


PowerDark FF7384Light FFD2D8
MagicDark 8BA4F8Light CADCF9
SenseDark B57EDCLight E8D7F4
CharmDark FF9F00Light FFE4B9
SpecialDark 00D713Light BCFCD1
MonsterDark 23C7BELight B4F1EF

colors used in Character pages, Skills

Power: red
Magic: blue
Sense: #8B00FF (Electric Violet) rgb()
Charm: orange
button: Purple Heart
background: light Purple Heart

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