Color Schemes

Power Magic Sense Charm Special
Dark #FF7384 #8BA4F8 #B57EDC #FF9F00 #00D713
Light #FFD2D8 #C2D6F8 #E8D7F4 #FFE4B9 #BCFCD1


Small images Lethos Secret Card No. 5
Big images Lethos Secret Card No. 5

  • All images must have transparent background.
  • Use the exact item name as the filename.
    • Important words should be capitalized.
  • Small images should be saved as *.gif
  • Big images should be saved as *.png


  • Item name: Secret Card No. 5
  • Small image: Secret Card No. 5.gif
  • Big image: Secret Card No. 5.png


  • Refer to the documentation if you are unsure.

Quick Guide

  • To use a template: {{Template Name}}
    • Example: {{menu}}
  • To add a parameter: | Parameter = Value
    • Example: | image = Lethos.gif
    • Refer to the documentation for parameters, code templates and examples.
  • To include a "templated" page (a page that used a template): {{:Page Name}}




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