Power Icon Power Type - Buffalo
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Fighter Warrior Gladiator Mercenary
1st job 2nd job pure 3rd job hybrid 3rd job


Buffalo's first job. He can learn Fighter Skills (1st job Buffalo skills).


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Hair Dye

Basic Colors
Buffalo Hair Dye
1,400 points
Buffalo Hair Dye Icon
Fighter Basic Hair
Premium Colors
Pearl Dye Coloring
2,700 points
Nature Coloring Icon
Fighter Professional Hair



1st Job - Fighter
TM Name
Skill Steel Punch Icon 0 Steel Punch
Skill Shockwave Icon 1 Shockwave
Skill Bull's Eye Icon 10 Bull's Eye
Skill Luck Breaker Icon 20 Luck Breaker
Skill Burning Rave Icon 20 Burning Rave
Skill Shockvibe Icon 20 Shockvibe
Skill Sense Breaker Icon 20 Sense Breaker
Skill Pumping Heart Icon 25 Pumping Heart
Skill Armor Breaker Icon 30 Armor Breaker
Skill Upper Smash Icon 40 Upper Smash
Skill Hyper Beat Icon 45 Hyper Beat
Skill Tornado Bomb Icon 50 Tornado Bomb

See also Buffalo Skills.


Fighter can advance to Warrior.

Warrior Kei - Buffalo 2nd Job Quest
Npc Warrior Kei
NPC: Warrior Kei
Location: Relics Town - Azteca
Level 60 +, TM level 50 +
1x Item Growth Badge Icon Growth Badge
3x Item 100K Galder Check Icon 100K Galder Check
Quest Cycles: 1x
XP: 1,000,000 TM XP: 12,000,000
Cycle 1: Ring Sign of Sword Icon Sign of Sword
Cycle 2:
Cycle 3:
Cycle 4:
Cycle 5:
Cycle 6:
Cycle 7:
Cycle 8:
Cycle 9:
Cycle 10:
Minimap Relics Town - Azteca
Warrior Kei can be found in Room of Job Administrator 1 too (located in Garden of Skill Master).
Item Growth Badge Icon Growth Badge is dropped by Kaboom (located in Caballa Relics Dungeon 4).
Item 100K Galder Check Icon 100K Galder Check can be obtained from GM Lucky Bag, Lv. 50 Gift Box or bought from Andrew for 105,000 Galders.
After advancing, Fighter will change to his 2nd job look (Warrior) and he is able to wear Capes now.
At any time you can revert to your first job look (Fighter) by paying 50,000 Galders to Louis Bitton, and 50,000 Galders again to change back to second job look (Warrior).

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