Sense Icon Broken Scylla

Monster Broken Scylla Idle


Level Aggressive
460 Yes
Weakness Elemental Attribute
unknown Elec A Electricity 30 %
Resistance Hit Points
unknown ~ 101,055 HP
New Content Development Office - Basement 1, 2
Target of Monster / Party Quest
Skill Name Level Skill Name Level
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Damage Resistance
Physical Magic Gun Light Dark Fire Water Air Soil Electricity Shadow
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Name Use
Item Galder Icon Galders Currency
Item Oil Can of God Icon Oil Can of God Quest Item
Potion Elixir Extract Icon Elixir Extract Potion
Potion Jewelry Potion Icon Jewelry Potion Potion
Item Sharp Piece Icon 1 - 2x Sharp Piece Refining Material
Hat Wood Helmet Icon Shadow Wood Helmet Hat
Shield Silver Shield Icon Shadow Silver Shield Shield
Shield Flame Shield Icon Shadow Flame Shield Shield
level 260 and 320 compound stones and attr. crystals
Box Star Card Pack No.4 Icon Star Card Pack No.7 Card Pack