Power Icon Ancient Guard Ian

Monster Guard Ian Move


Level Aggressive
755 Yes
Weakness Elemental Attribute
Unknown Fire A Fire Attribute
Resistance Hit Points
Unknown ~ 278,831 x 3
Tartarus - Ancient God B3 Cage 17, 18, 19
Target of Monster / Party Quest
Level 320+
Skill Name Level Skill Name Level
Magic Meltdown Magic Meltdown  ? [[File:]]
[[File:]] [[File:]]
[[File:]] [[File:]]
[[File:]] [[File:]]
[[File:]] [[File:]]
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Damage Resistance
Physical Magic Gun Light Dark Fire Water Air Soil Electricity Shadow

Name Use
Item Galder Icon Galders Currency
Item 100 Galder Coupon Icon 100 Galder Coupon Coupon
Item 500 Galder Coupon Icon 500 Galder Coupon Coupon
Item 10000 Galder Coupon Icon 10,000 Galder Coupon Coupon
Weapon Stone Staff Icon Elmt. Stone Staff Weapon
Item Shackle Ring Icon Fetters of Guard Ian Quest Item